we like to think we are:

CREATIVE. being creative is not an easy thing but a beautiful thing.

PASSIONED. we do not push things forward without it. we strive to be in the best shape of who we are. we are committed to optimise a product that will indirectly inspire others to rethinking the hows and whys of their lives.

we believe in:

THE POWER OF FEW. we are a small team of few from Bucharest, Romania and we love to create things in any form at any level. we bring our small part in changing the world by bringing value to people's experiences.

AUTHENTICITY. is about who we are in everything we do. in our communication. in our company culture. we are constantly improving our practices, our beliefs. now, we believe in making a seamless merge of your moving activities data, patch them on your device and and give a constant taste of quality into your life.

COMMUNITY. we believe that a community based on movement brings all kinds together from all background or fields. we believe in its power to ignite creativity. we strive to cultivate a community of inspired, as we call ourselves MakeFit doers.

PURPOSE WITHIN PRODUCT. we seek to have a purpose behind the products we create at Cronian Labs. MakeFit was born from our love for the outdoors, we strive to create innovative products that reflect and respect the nature.

we like cutting edge technologies, we like our products to be simple. we don’t believe in one size fit all, but we do believe in a way of living in which MakeFit app fits perfectly. no nuisance. minimum distraction. and making the engagement with the device in a more efficient way.

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